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About Craft Scotland - What We Do

Craft Scotland is a registered Scottish charity and the national agency for craft.

We work to unite, inspire and champion craft through creating opportunities for makers in Scotland to practice, exhibit, sell and promote their craft, and for audiences to see, purchase and learn about craft. We lobby for craft as an essential and integral part of our cultural, economic and social life and work in partnership with other like-minded agencies. We are a central point of information about craft in Scotland and identify and create new activities to build awareness and understanding of craft. We are a charity supported by Creative Scotland.

What Craft Scotland do

We deliver our activity through the following strategic themes:


We highlight key issues impacting the sector and influence stakeholders about the future of craft. 

We work with Creative Scotland to improve funding and opportunities for makers and the wider sector.


We identify, bring together and work with those who are similarly committed to our goals to achieve more by working together. 


We are a central point of promotion, information and discussion about craft with a focus on opportunities for makers, and details of how to engage with craft for audiences.

Our popular website hosts the details of over 1,700 craft businesses around Scotland, promotes exhibitions and events across the country, and provides information, news and resources for both the public and the craft community.

Creating Opportunities, Developing Audiences

We create and manage activities to achieve our goals where we see gaps and opportunities in the sector, in particular to aid the growth of opportunities for makers and new audiences for craft.

We run exhibitions and events for both the public and the Scottish craft community, often working with partner organisations. We also present collections of Scottish craft to the public in UK and International craft, design and art shows (such as our Summer Show or SOFA Chicago).

Read more about Craft Scotland campaigns and events.

Organisational development and sustainability

In order for us to achieve our goal and deliver our aims, we must ensure that our own organisation is fit for purpose and has sustainable income.

Craft Scotland - making connections, creating opportunities.

The Craft Scotland Philosophy

Our Goal

We will work to make Scotland a place where craft is valued as culturally significant, essential to our economy and integral to our communities.

Our Aims

To unite, inspire and champion craft in Scotland. 

To create a strong economy and infrastructure for craft.

To increase and diversify the audience for craft.

To promote high quality contemporary craft practice locally, nationally and internationally.

Our Values

Acknowledgement: We believe in the skill, talent and commitment of makers in Scotland.

Engagement: We believe audiences should have opportunities to see, enjoy, engage with and buy craft.

Quality: We champion quality in all aspects of the sector and in our own activities.

Ambition: We believe the sector can achieve its full potential through its ability to challenge and innovate in all areas.

Collaboration: We recognise and appreciate those who share our objectives and partner with them to achieve more.

Integrity: We run our organisation with integrity, make sure we are well-governed, financially stable and have a passionate and committed team.

The Scottish Business Pledge

Craft Scotland has taken the Scottish Business Pledge. The Pledge is a voluntary commitment by companies in Scotland to adopt fair and progressive business practices in support of our shared ambition to improve business competitiveness and productivity while tackling inequalities.

Through this collaborative approach the Pledge provides a mechanism to recognise and celebrate the achievements and ambition of businesses operating in Scotland.

In return, the public sector will help them achieve their own business objectives and contribute to inclusive and sustainable growth across the country.

The Scottish Business Pledge has nine components:

  • Paying the living wage
  • Not using exploitative zero hours contracts
  • Supporting progressive workplace policies
  • Investing in Youth
  • Making progress on diversity and gender balance 
  • Committing to an innovation programme
  • Pursuing international business opportunities
  • Playing an active role in the community
  • Committing to prompt payment



Craft Scotland is also a Scottish Living Wage employer and we have signed the Digital Participation Charter

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