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Our Philosophy

Our Goal

We will work to make Scotland a place where craft is valued as culturally significant, essential to our economy and integral to our communities.

Our Aims

To unite, inspire and champion craft in Scotland. 

To create a strong economy and infrastructure for craft.

To increase and diversify the audience for craft.

To promote high quality contemporary craft practice locally, nationally and internationally.

Our Values

Acknowledgement: We believe in the skill, talent and commitment of makers in Scotland.

Engagement: We believe audiences should have opportunities to see, enjoy, engage with and buy craft.

Quality: We champion quality in all aspects of the sector and in our own activities.

Ambition: We believe the sector can achieve its full potential through its ability to challenge and innovate in all areas.

Collaboration: We recognise and appreciate those who share our objectives and partner with them to achieve more.

Integrity: We run our organisation with integrity, make sure we are well-governed, financially stable and have a passionate and committed team.

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