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Gillian Ramsay - Bookkeeper (p/t)

Gillian RamsayWhat do you do at Craft Scotland? 

I am the bookkeeper at Craft Scotland - I come into the office one day per week to update and maintain the accounts software and help to produce the financial reports. I do have other clients, but always enjoy my days spent in the Craft Scotland office with the team. There is always something new and interesting happening and it's an upbeat and pleasant working environment. The biggest issue I have is trying not to spend too much time or money on the many beautiful craft pieces that pass through the office or are on the website. I have made a few impulse buys which for now remain on top of my wardrobe and will be displayed when the time is right and I can say without a word of a lie “this isn’t new - I’ve had it for ages!”

As for my favourite beverage, I’m a very serious gin drinker.

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