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Jenni Colquhoun, Marketing Officer

Meet Jenni Colquhoun, who is Craft Scotland's Marketing Officer.

Jenni Colquhoun

What do you do at Craft Scotland? 

I help look after the Craft Scotland website, social media and our offline marketing. A big part of my job is looking after our What's On pages and the maker Community. If you upload an event, exhibition, opportunity, or a directory profile, it goes through me before it gets to the website. I maintain our Community pages, and look after the marketing for our Meet Your Maker campaign. I also do a bit of our in-house design, all when I'm not standing outside the office looking windswept. 

How do you help Scottish craft or makers?

I love the idea that something we list on the site might inspire someone to take up a craft, or might help a maker take their business that bit further. If something I have put on our site makes one person excited about craft in a day - I would be thrilled. 

What are your top three professional achievements?

1. Updating (and upgrading!) the Craft Scotland Community pages to offer more resources, opportunities and information for makers. I also like to think they look a bit prettier now.  
2. Re-designing the Craft Scotland Summer Show flyer. They must have been a success - we ran out. 
3. One of my illustrations was featured on an article on the BBC News website. Fame!  

What are your top three craft moments?

1. Every time I add to my growing craft collection - I really like rings. 
2. I got to visit NYNow with makers on a Go&See trip. American craft is quite different and I loved seeing how versatile our makers are - and I also got to meet some of my stationery idols. 
3. I love our Summer Show. I get really excited that we showcase such great craft during Edinburgh's Fringe, it's lovely being part of the festival. 

What are your top five skills tags?

  • Illustration 
  • Layout and design
  • Research
  • Copy writing
  • Proof reading
  • What's your background?

    I studied Animation at Duncan of Jordanstone College of art and design, and then (after much waitressing to raise funds) went back to do my Masters in Medical Art (Medical Art is anything that involves creating anatomical representations of the human body – or bits of it – for surgical illustration, textbooks, anatomical models, patient visual aids). 

    After graduating I landed myself a job as a Gallery Manager in Aberdeenshire, where I oversaw the day to day running of the Gallery, curated exhibitions, got to know loads of makers and generally fell in love with craft. Since then I have wanted to work for Craft Scotland, and I am so happy being a part of the team who promote and champion Scottish craft. 

    Tell us something surprising about you:

    In my spare time I like to think I'm an illustrator, and I have spent longer than I would like to admit in a dissection lab. 

    Finally, what's your favourite beverage?

    I'm pretty partial to a gin martini. But generally not in the office. 

    Jenni Colquhoun

    Contact Jenni:

    Get in touch with Jenni with any questions about the Craft Scotland website, social networks, photographs, or other online connections.

    Jenni Colquhoun
    Marketing Officer
    +44 (0) 131 466 3872

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