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State of the Sector Survey

Part of Craft Scotland’s role is to provide leadership for Scottish craft. We have commissioned a new survey, State of the Sector, to re-examine the craft sector in Scotland as the current research is now over five years old. We were interested in investigating any changes that may have occurred, and if there are any new sector needs.  

Our State of the Sector report brings together analysis of the survey results, and where possible compares the results to the previous research Craft in an Age of Change (2012) commissioned by the Crafts Council, Creative Scotland, Arts Council of Wales and Craft Northern Ireland.

The State of the Sector report is split into two sections. Part A asks the respondents questions that refer to their revenue figures and experience from financial year 2015/16. It offers insight into changes in the sector, and hopes to act as a resource for the sector that can be built upon with each annual study. The results from Part A can also be downloaded as a PDF

Part B explores how makers interact with Craft Scotland and how they feel they are supported by us. From evaluating the responses it is evident that there is a demand for Craft Scotland’s services. Also, it shows that whilst the sector is vibrant there is still a lot to be done to develop it. As you will see from the survey, there seems to be different viewpoints on how to best strengthen the sector. Despite being a small team (five full-time employees) with limited resources, we do try to respond to as many of the sector’s needs as we can. We offer a wide range of opportunities for emerging and established makers working in different disciplines, and with varied routes to market. We believe in being open and transparent, and we really value makers’ honest feedback. Your responses will feed into our long-term plans and this report will be valuable in providing information and advocacy to policy makers and the wider creative industries.

Craft Scotland would like to thank you, the makers who took the time to participate in the survey. We appreciate you giving your time to support this survey. We hope that this will help you spot new opportunities and that together we can champion for the continued development of the Scottish craft sector.

Please note that since the initial publication of this survey there have been two rounds of amendments. One to update an error in the analysis of question 16 (a positive change which revealed a growth in export sales since 2010) and a further edit to clarify some of the wording. The survey above reflects the most up-to-date research from the Scottish craft sector. 

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