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The C Word - About the Advert

We knew The C Word had to be big and it had to be visual. Printed leaflets weren't going to cut it.

With a £6,000 core marketing budget and a bucket-load of ambition we set about finding sponsors, backers, people who would stretch themselves to their professional limits in order to get this campaign off the ground. A cinema advert to promote The C Word – the first national cinema advertising campaign for contemporary craft – was top of our marketing agenda.

We invited makers from around Scotland to be part of The C Word campaign – both to take part in the advert, and to participate in a range of events during the campaign itself.

The craft makers featured in the advert are:

  • Libby Day
  • Jenny Deschenes
  • James Donald
  • Julia Douglas, Becca Wilson and Clare Waddle
  • Jessamy Kelly
  • Joachim King
  • Grainne Morton
  • Lara Scobie

The ad was written by Craft Scotland CEO Emma Walker, with our aim of showcasing contemporary craft to a new audience firmly in mind. To this end the script is dynamic and bold, with sharp dialogue reflecting the energy we feel for this campaign.

Filming took place at Coburg House Studios and Concrete Wardrobe in early September 2009. James Jeffries of Onward Films produced the advert, which was expertly directed by David Boni. Renowned Scottish author William McIlvanney leant his rich vocal talents to the film. Photographs were taken on the day of shooting by David Grinly, commissioned for craftscotland by Scottish creative agency Vox Populus.

We are proud of the stunning end product - contemporary and traditional, unique and beautiful – just like the Scottish craft we work to promote.

Craft Scotland launched The C Word advert with an exhilarating premiere in London, starting the campaign as we mean to go on by bringing Scottish craft to a UK audience.

You can watch the video on both YouTube and Vimeo. We invite press agencies, other associations and anyone else wishing to embed the video on their own website to do so as they please, but we would be delighted if you would let us know if you do!

If you would like to show The C Word at an event, please contact Emma Walker, Chief Executive, at

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