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Frequently Asked Questions on the Craft Scotland website

1.0 Logging in 

  • Forgotten password?
  • Forgotten username?
  • 2.0 Listings (adding events, news and opportunities)

  • Can I submit exhibitions?
  • Can I submit news?
  • I'm having problems submitting details
  • My event is listed, but details are incorrect
  • An event isn't tagged to my profile
  • Why is my event not on the site yet?
  • 3.0 Find Craft (formerly directory)

  • Where is the directory?
  • How do I update my profile page?
  • I have a profile page on the Find Craft area, but I never received a login for this.
  • Why are there different forms to fill in under my account?
  • I have two craft businesses at the same address. Why can't I just fill in a form once and tick a box?
  • I tried to fill in my form, but when I pressed submit I was logged out.
  • Am I eligible for inclusion?
  • How do I delete my profile?
  • 1.0 Logging in  

    1.1 I've forgotten my password, how do I login?

    Just click on the 'forgotten password' button.

    1.2 I've forgotten my username, how do I find it?

    Please check your initial email from the Craft Scotland website letting you know your login details. If you can't find this, please let us know at and we will re-send it to you as soon as possible.

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    2.0 Listings (Events, News and Opportunities)

    2.1 Can I submit my own exhibition details to Craft Scotland?

    Yes - just use our quick form to submit listings for your own craft class, exhibition, shop, fair and other event to the What’s On area of the Craft Scotland website, and promote it to thousands of visitors a month.

    2.2 Can I submit my news to Craft Scotland?

    Use our easy news form to send Craft Scotland your press releases and other updates directly through the website, for inclusion in our popular news area. You can also send these to

    2.3 I'm having problems submitting an event/news.

    If you can't submit your event or news using the forms provided, please let us know using our error form. You can send the details of your submission to - just send over the same details as those we request on the form.

    2.4 My event is listed, but the details have changed/are incorrect! What should I do?

    Just email with the URL of the current event, and a note of any changes you need to make.

    2.5 I'm taking part in an event on the site, but it's not tagged to my profile. What should I do?

    Craft Scotland tag news and events manually to profiles, so it could be that we have missed this accidentally, or not known who was associated with it. Simply email with the URL of the event (or news) and let us know the Find Craft profile page that should be associated with this.

    2.6 I submitted my event using the forms and it's still not up! What's going on?

    The Craft Scotland website is run by humans, and while we aim to approve everything within two days, sometimes human conditions such as sickness or holidays get in the way. In some cases events submitted may not have enough information and might require Craft Scotland to do more research before they can put it online, or might not be suitable for the Craft Scotland site. We recommend contacting if you put something up more than four working days ago and don't see it on the site. 

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    3.0 Find Craft (Formerly Directory)

    3.1 Where is the directory?

    The profile pages that were called the 'directory' on the old Craft Scotland website can now be found under 'Find Craft.'  

    3.2 How do I update my Find Craft profile page?

    Simply login to the site and select 'Manage Profile'. 

    3.3 I have a profile page on the Find Craft area, but I never received a login for this.

    We emailed everyone we could who was registered on our old directory to let them know about the changes to the site, and to provide their username. If you didn't receive our email, we may not have had an email address for you, we could have the wrong email address, or our email to you may have bounced back. Please just get in touch with us at letting us know that you are registered, and don't have an account.

    3.4 Why are there different forms to fill in under my account?

    There are two main forms that most craft people need to fill in to register. The first 'my details' form allows you to sign up for the website itself, and to customize the way you want your homepage to look as well as your subscription options for Craft Scotland. Craft businesses can then go on to fill in public profile pages. Feedback from our old website has taught us that not everyone wants their maker business and outlet business listed at the same address, nor do they want their Inside Craft Scotland newsletter to go to their business email address. Multiple forms allow for more flexibility than our old system.

    3.5 I have two craft businesses at the same address. Why can't I just fill in a form once and tick a box?

    From experience, we know that there are makers who also lease shops or represent organisations from addresses different to their own. This is one of the main reasons we have chosen to have one form per profile, as it gives more flexibility. It also allows people to tailor their profile pages better - for instance if you are a maker who generally has their studio open to the public, then your place profile can be about your studio (complete with opening hours) rather than about the craft you make.

    3.6 I tried to fill in my form, but when I pressed submit I was logged out.

    For security purposes, the system logs users out after 30 minutes on the profile forms. We have added a note to the forms letting people know. To avoid being logged out while you are filling in a form, we recommend composing your descriptions in a word processing programme, refreshing the profile form page, and then completing the fields.

    3.7 Am I eligible for inclusion?

    Craft Scotland are delighted to list profiles for makers living and working in Scotland who create works in one or more of the following craft mediums: Ceramics, Glass, Textiles, Millinery, Furniture, Jewellery, Metalwork, Wood, Lettering, Musical instruments, Paper, Basket making, Willow weaving, Mosaics, Heritage craft, and printing on fabric/glass/ceramics (limited productions).

    We do not represent painting, drawing, photography, printing on paper, taxidermy, candle, soap or cake making, or stationery and jewellery made by the assembly of bought-in materials.

    3.8 How do I delete my profile?

    To delete your profile, just email a request to You should email from the address registered with Craft Scotland, and include a link to your existing profile page. The Craft Scotland team will process your request and remove your profile as soon as possible.

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    Further help

    If you have further questions, please get in touch with us by emailing

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