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About the Craft Scotland website

The Craft Scotland website is designed to be flexible, fluid and functional, and aims to let you connect with the Scottish craft community in a whole new way.

Once you sign up (or sign in to) the website, there are several ways to promote your business and connect with others.

What you can do:


  • Submit details of your own craft event, class, exhibition, shop, fair etc to the What’s On area of the Craft Scotland website, and promote it to thousands of visitors a month
  • Create and update a profile page for your craft business. Each member of our community has their own profile page on the Craft Scotland website to use as a platform for their craft business. This space includes images, links, contact details, descriptions and achievements
  • Post details of your craft opportunities to the site, such as jobs, residencies, awards, partnerships, calls for makers or competitions.



If you experience any problems we would be grateful if you could let us know using our quick 'report an issue' form.

About the Website

Craft Scotland launched this website in November 2011.

The website was made possible through AmbITion funding awarded to Craft Scotland by Creative Scotland. The funding will help us to become more interactive, innovative, inspiring and communicative through effective utilisation of new digital technologies.

After an excellent response to our website ITT and a competitive selection process at the start of 2011, we were delighted to appoint Wildfire Technology Limited as our new website providers.

Wildfire develop systems that help organisations manage their information and communicate more effectively online.

FAQs on our Find Craft pages

Where is the directory?

The profile pages that were called the 'directory' on the old Craft Scotland website can now be found under 'Find Craft.'  

How do I update my Find Craft profile page?

Simply login to the site and select 'Manage Profile'. 

Why are there different forms to fill in under my account?

There are two main forms that most craft people need to fill in to register. The first 'my details' form allows you to sign up for the website itself, and to customise the way you want your homepage to look as well as your subscription options for Craft Scotland.

Craft businesses can then go on to fill in public profile pages. Feedback has taught us that not everyone wants their maker business and outlet business listed at the same address, nor do they want their Inside Craft Scotland newsletter to go to their business email address. Multiple forms allow for more flexibility.

I have two craft businesses at the same address. Why can't I just fill in a form once and tick a box?

From experience, we know that there are makers who also lease shops or represent organisations from addresses different to their own. This is one of the main reasons we have chosen to have one form per profile, as it gives more flexibility. It also allows people to tailor their profile pages better - for instance if you are a maker who generally has their studio open to the public, then your place profile can be about your studio (complete with opening hours) rather than about the craft you make.

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