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Welcome to the Craft Scotland Maker Community - an online resource where you will find information and support for your work.  

Whether you are new to making, a fresh graduate, have been in business for a while or are looking for a new start, you can use the resources here to help you grow your craft business. You can also check our opportunities below to find the next exhibition, residency or award you might like to apply for. 

Craft Scotland will be updating the Directory, Events and Opportunities areas of our website. These changes will launch in the next few months. 

For more information, read our Website Update Announcement

Find opportunities

We update our opportunities pages very regularly - so even if there's nothing that fits your work today, make sure you check back every so often if you're on the lookout for your next exhibition, residency or commission. 

Find funding support

We have put together a wide range of funding information for makers at all stages and working in all areas. Craft Scotland is not a funding body, but you can check here for up-to-the-minute funding opportunities and regularly available funding and grants from external organisations. 

Resource Centre

Take a look at these Resources where you can find organisations that could be helpful to you. We also feature opportunities geared to the stage you are in your career, and other help and support - whether you are just starting out or looking to take the next step. 

Education & Development

Find details of undergraduatepostgraduate and college courses in craft disciplines, continuing professional development workshops and information about short courses to top up on your skills, or get a taster for something new. 

Join the Craft Community

Register on the Craft Scotland website and you can set up your public maker, place or organisation profile, so that we can link you to events you are running or exhibitions you are taking part in. It also means our website visitors can find you and discover your work. 

Add events & opportunities

Many of the events listed on our What's On pages and the opportunities listed on our Opportunities pages are user-generated. Once you have registered on our website you can upload details of your upcoming exhibitions, courses, classes, workshops, or opportunities for craft makers

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Already a registered on the Craft Scotland website? Visit your account to update your details, or amend your public maker, place or organisation profile.  

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