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Undergraduate and Postgraduate courses in craft related subjects

A number of Scottish universities and colleges offer degrees and courses in craft-related subjects, including ceramics, glass, furniture, jewellery, silversmithing and goldsmithing, textiles and 3D design. We also list details of short courses and classes in our What's On section

Short Courses

Browse our user-generated craft courses and classes. These pages are updated very frequently, so if you are looking for a specific short course but can't find it this time, remember to check back regularly. 

College Courses

Find details of craft-related courses at Scottish colleges. 

Undergraduate Craft Degrees

Find undergraduate degrees in craft subjects at Scottish universities. 

Postgraduate Craft Degrees

Find postgraduate degrees in craft subjects at Scottish universities. 

Continuing Professional Development

Looking to further the knowledge you already have? Take a look at the courses available in continuing professional development

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