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Connect with other members of our community, post opportunities, chat about the sector and share stories on our craft forums.

Craft Connections

The Welcome Room - new to craft, or Craft Scotland? Say hello and introduce your work here.

Craft Chat - meet other craft people and places, discuss your interests, and talk about the craft sector.

My work - if you're creating a new collection and need some feedback, or want to show off your latest work, just post details here for other members of the community to comment on.

Opportunities and support

Bulletin Board - if you have a studio to let, space to share, are looking for a workbench or selling your tools, this is the place to let people know.

Advice corner - want to get advice from other members of the community? Just post your questions here, or see if you can help out another craft person or place.

Please remember, this forum is intended to help the Craft Scotland community connect and support each other. Details of your exhibitions, classes, opportunities, news and other events should be submitted to the site, using the links at the top of this page.

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