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Professional Bodies

There are a wide range of professional bodies who are there to help you with your craft business. You can search through our list of organisations who have uploaded a profile to our website, or take a look at the organisations we have highlighted below. 

Applied Arts Scotland (AAS)

Applied Arts Scotland exist to develop appreciation of the applied arts in society for the benefit of the public in Scotland. They support the crafts people, designer/makers and applied artists who work professionally in Scotland. 

Association for Contemporary Jewellery

The Association for Contemporary Jewellery promote greater understanding of contemporary jewellery. They support jewellers’ creative and professional development and develop audiences for this lively field of contemporary craft and design. 

Craft Potters Association

The Craft Potters Association promote the work of their members and increase public awareness of contemporary studio pottery, run the Contemporary Ceramic Centre in Bloomsbury and produce Ceramic Review Magazine, which reflects the diversifying scene in contemporary pottery and ceramics.

Crafts Council

The Crafts Council's goal is to make the UK the best place to make, see, collect and learn about contemporary craft. They aim to build a strong economy and infrastructure for contemporary craft, to increase and diversify the audience for contemporary craft and to champion high quality contemporary craft practice nationally and internationally. 

Association of Guilds of Weavers, Spinners & Dyers

The objectives of the Association of Guilds of Weavers, Spinners & Dyers are the preservation and improvement of the craftsmanship in handweaving, spinning and dyeing for the benefit of the public and the promotion of public education in such craftsmanship.

Lace Guild

The Lace Guild is the largest organisation for lacemakers in the British Isles, and their membership is international. Their aims are to provide information about the craft of lacemaking, its history and use; to promote a high standard of lacemaking; and to encourage the design, development and professional presentation of lace.

Scottish Artists Union

The Scottish Artists Union lobbies on behalf of visual artists working in Scotland, defending their rights, expanding their benefits and fighting to make their professional practice a means to support a better quality of life.

Scottish Basketmakers' Circle

The Scottish Basketmakers' Circle exists to promote basketmaking and allied crafts - chairseating and environmental sculptures - in Scotland. This is achieved through exhibitions, courses, demonstrations, lectures, rural shows and craft fairs.

Scottish Contemporary Arts Network

Scottish Contemporary Art Network is a member-led network of professionals within the contemporary art sector including artists, writers, curators, exhibition managers, educators and leading institutions within Scotland. They are committed to championing and supporting the contemporary art sector in Scotland. Their vision is one where engagement with contemporary art plays a prominent and influential role in the social fabric of our country.

Scottish Fashion Creative Network

The Scottish Fashion Creative Network is a member-led network established to support and promote individuals and organisations working within the fashion sector through the provision of funding, representation, education and continued professional development programmes.

Scottish Furniture Makers Association

The Scottish Furniture Makers Association (SFMA) aims to promote the finest in craftsmanship and design through the work of its members. The SFMA holds a major exhibition each year and members regularly participate in other events around the country.

Scottish Glass Society

The mission of the Scottish Glass Society is to promote the appreciation, understanding and development of contemporary Scottish glass. Their aims are to encourage excellence, promote and raise the profile of their members; to increase participation, interconnection and collaboration of their members and the public; to provide greater opportunities for the public to be involved in Scottish glass; and to aid Scotland-based students of glass through awards, bursaries, promotion and involvement.

Scottish Potters Association

The Scottish Potters Association (SPA) aims to promote any activity which in the opinion of their members will further their collective and individual interests as potters/ceramists and to raise the standards and awareness of the craft when possible. The SPA is open to any individual or organisation with an interest in ceramics.

Scotland Re:Designed

Scotland Re:Designed is a platform which champions Scotland's dazzling fashion and textile sectors, in a consumer and trade showcase of exhibitions, workshops and shows attended by top buyers and media from around the world.

Scottish Textiles and Leather Association

The Scottish Textile & Leather Association (STLA) assists Scotland’s textile design and manufacturing sector to build on its strengths to work together in a rapidly changing global industry. They aim to benefit members through interaction and collaboration with industry partners and colleagues, by providing access to information and assistance, and promoting Scottish textile products and companies to buyers, suppliers and interested parties.

Visual Arts Scotland

Visual Arts Scotland is a leading platform for national and international contemporary fine and applied artists. Originally an organisation for women artists, the society since the 1980s has championed craft makers, designers and applied arts practitioners.

Think we have missed something?

Craft Scotland has put together these pages based on organisations we have worked with or have been made aware of through our work. We want these pages to act as a signpost for makers, instead of repeating information our partners have worked hard to collate and provide. If you are a member of an organisation that we do not have listed here and you think should be, please get in touch to let us know about it. You can also add your organisation to our user-generated directory

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