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Info on how and where to sell your craft

On this page we have listed the opportunities that are currently available for you to sell your work to the public or wholesale, along with a few handy links to blogs and organisations who can get you on the right track if you are struggling with where to start selling. You will also find our carefully researched list of trade and retail - including where to apply, when the show is and a little intro so you can get a feel for whether or not it might be suitable for your work. 

Details of trade and retail shows

Browse through our list of UK and international trade and retail events to find those most suited to your work. 

The Design Trust Blogs

Patricia van den Akker, Director of The Design Trust has an excellent series of blogs on selling your work, whether you are looking for advice on pricing, selling to wholesale, selling online, or help with trade shows and events. If you are looking for advice, we highly recommend talking to the Design Doctor

The Indie Retail Academy

Clare Yuille, real life shopkeeper, has put together a host of information on selling your work to 'indie retailers' like her. You can sign up for excellent free tips and advice, book her for personal consulting, or take one of her comprehensive courses. Clare offers a very down-to-earth, soothing method of taking any fear you have out of selling to wholesale - perfect for beginners or those who need a bit of a push. 

The Etsy Seller Handbook

Whilst these guides are tailored to those who are selling their work on Etsy, a great deal of the advice is transferrable to selling on any online platform, and well worth a look. You can also find out how to open your own Etsy shop or how to make the most of your existing shop. 

Online Retailers

Take a look at our curated list on online retailers who sell craft online. 

Live Selling Opportunities

Find live opportunities for selling, exhibiting and showcasing your work, or visit our Opportunities pages for the full list of all available opportunities

Think we have missed something?

Craft Scotland has put together these pages based on organisations we have worked with or resources we have been made aware of through our work. We want these pages to act as a signpost for makers, instead of repeating information our partners have worked hard to collate and provide. If you are a member of an organisation, part of a company, or know of a useful resource that we do not have listed here, please get in touch to let us know about it. 

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