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If you have a craft story you would like to share with Craft Scotland readers, please let as know the details using the simple form below.

This could be a blog post on something exciting you have recently taken part in, a review of a craft exhibition in Scotland (or a major international event), a press release about your craft business.

Craft Scotland publish news related to any of the following craft mediums: ceramics, glass, textiles, millinery, furniture, jewellery, metalwork, wood, lettering, musical instrument making, bookbinding, paper making, basket making, willow weaving, mosaics, heritage craft, and printing on fabric/glass/ceramics (limited productions). We are happy to list news which include a mix of craft and other media (such as a market selling craft and fine art). 

We do not publish news which purely relates to painting, drawing, photography, printing on paper, taxidermy, candle, soap or cake making, or stationery and jewellery made by the assembly of bought-in materials. 

Tips for submission:

  • Please be as detailed as possible, and write at least 250 words
  • Review your article for spelling mistakes before you submit the form (we recommend composing your article in word and pasting it into the 'Your Article' box.)
  • Please do not write all in uppercase or lowercase letters, as this is hard to read
  • Please submit unique content to the site, rather than exactly the same press release or review that you may have used elsewhere
  • If you want to let us know about an exhibition you are taking part in, please submit it as an event. Events will not be published as news listings.

Craft Scotland will review your submission for suitability, and may edit it for spelling, grammatical or other purposes. News articles relating to stories outside our craft remit will not be published on the site.

PLEASE NOTE: For security purposes, the system allows you around 30 minutes to complete this form. We recommend composing your article on a separate programme, then refreshing this page before you start. 

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