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  • Craft Word - Raku


    Raku is an type of pottery that originated in Japan during the 16th century and has since become popular with makers throughout the world.

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  • Craft word - Bookbinding


    Scotland's bookbinders have been producing notable binding designs for over five centuries.

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  • Craft words - Harris Tweed


    Harris Tweed is a type of cloth handwoven in the Outer Hebrides in the homes of islanders using pure wool yarns that are dyed and spun in the islands.

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  • Craft Word - Mackintosh


    Charles Rennie Mackintosh and Margaret MacDonald Mackintosh were leading designers and makers of the Arts and Crafts movement in Scotland and have since become household names throughout Europe.

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  • Craft words - Orkney Chair


    The Orkney Chair is a type of wooden seat with a high back made from straw which has been made in Orkney since the 1700s.

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  • Craft words - Warp and Weft


    Warp and weft are weaving terms that describe the two types of thread that are woven together to create cloth.

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  • Craft word - veneer


    In woodworking, veneer refers to thin slices of wood that are glued on to the surface of furniture, cabinets and other wooden items.

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  • Craft word - Underglaze


    Underglaze is the process of applying any colour or decoration to the surface of a ceramic piece before it is glazed. The decoration lies under a clear or light-coloured glaze, which then forms a protective layer.

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  • Craft word - Turning (wood)


    Turning is a form of woodworking that uses a lathe to move a piece of wood while a stationary tool is used to cut and shape it.

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  • Craft word - Slipware


    Slipware is a type of pottery that is decorated by splashing, dipping, trailing or painting a clay vessel with slip.

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  • Craft word - Rapid-prototyping


    Rapid-prototyping is a term used to describe a group of techniques and technologies that can transform drawings into three-dimensional objects.

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  • Craft word - Quilting


    Quilting is a sewing technique that joins layers of fabric together to form a padded or textured material.

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  • Craft Word - Paper Making


    Ancient Egyptians made the first paper-like substance by slicing the inner part of the papyrus plant and pounding and drying it into hard, thin sheets.

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  • Craft word - Oxidation


    In molecular terms, oxidation is the loss of electrons when two or more substances interact, where one of those substances may or may not be oxygen.

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  • Craft word - Mokume-Gane


    Mokume-gane is an ancient Japanese metalworking technique that involves mixing metals to create a laminate with intricate layered patterns.

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  • Craft word - Letter Cutting


    Letter cutting is a form of inscriptional lettering, practiced by artists, sculptors and typeface designers, where text is carved into stone, wood and other materials.

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  • Craft word - Kishie


    The kishie is a multipurpose basket traditionally made and used in Shetland to carry fuel, manure, crops and other goods. Shetland harvests were once measured in ‘kishie-fills’.

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  • Craft word - Joinery


    In basic terms, joinery is the attaching together of two pieces of wood to form a joint.

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  • Craft word of the week - Inlay


    Inlay is the decorative technique of embedding contrasting materials into an object, usually flush with the surface.

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  • Word of the week - Hand Building


    Hand building is the earliest method of forming clay into shapes and objects.

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