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Craft Scotland at The Caledonian Club during London Craft Week

Angus Ross - Craft Scotland at The Caledonian Club during London Craft Week

Image credit: James Millar

Sneak an insider’s look at makers’ practices with Craft Scotland’s event at The Caledonian Club during London Craft Week. Drawing from its rich heritage, Scotland cultivates a pioneering spirit within its makers and encourages each one to develop a strong, unique voice. Come along and hear furniture maker Angus Ross and designer/maker Jennifer Gray share their works and processes behind their innovative contemporary practice.

11am-1pm / Thursday 4 May / Free * Drop-in 

The Caledonian Club, 9 Halkin St, Belgravia, London SW1X 7DR

Image credit: Christina Kernohan 

Table Top Utopia with Jennifer Gray

Designer/maker Jennifer Gray has created a playful range of tessellating Surface Tiles and Condiment Sets with both aesthetics and function in mind. Her techniques move in and out of the digital and the handmade, leaving the viewer uncertain how each work was produced.

Come along and learn more about Jennifer’s design process and the range of techniques behind her contemporary pieces. Watch as she reveals the modelling, moulding and making processes she used to make her Surface Tiles and Condiments Sets. She will demonstrate the methods she has developed to mimic stone surfaces through mixing pigments into jesmonite.

Angus Ross - maker in his workshop - London Craft Week

Eco-Luxe Furniture with Angus Ross

Angus Ross is an award-winning designer and has been at the forefront of British craft furniture for over twenty years. He creates exquisitely handcrafted furniture using sustainably-managed Scottish wood, from the ancient woodland he co-owns. Angus carefully selects, fells and mills only a few trees each year. This wood is used green for steam-bending, Angus is an acknowledged master of the traditional technique Scottish skill.

Come along and hear Angus talk about the design process behind his popular Unstable Stool. He’ll guide you through all the stages of his material oak, demonstrating the techniques involved.

Image Credit: Brian Ross

The Caledonian Club - Craft Scotland at London Craft Week

Described as a little bit of Scotland in the heart of London, The Caledonian Club was founded in 1891. This private Members’ Club is situated in the grand and beautiful surroundings of Belgravia, adjacent to Hyde Park Corner and a short walk from Victoria Station. Craft Scotland is thrilled to host this exciting event in partnership with The Caledonian Club.

Image credit: Christina Kernohan

The third edition of London Craft Week will continue to showcase exceptional craftsmanship from around the world through a journey-of-discovery programme of over 200 events across London, featuring hidden workshops and unknown makers alongside celebrated masters, famous studios, galleries, shops and luxury brands. The aim being to experience the magic of true creativity, see what real quality means, meet some of the world’s most respected makers and artists and even have a try. London Craft Week runs Wednesday 3 May to Sunday 7 May 2017.

Craft Scotland at London Craft Week with The Caledonian Club

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