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• noun 1 an activity involving skill in making things by hand. 2 skill in carrying out one’s work. 3 (crafts) things made by hand.

• verb make (something) skilfully.

  — ORIGIN Old English cræft: strength, skill

- from the Oxford English dictionary

Many of us own craft, although we may not call it that.

Perhaps a chair, a jug, a necklace, a scarf, a bowl, a kilt, a guitar, a glass flute, a tapestry, or a wedding ring. Behind each precious item is a person with an idea and the skill to bring that concept to life. 

A craft maker might saw, solder, sew, knit, sand, snip, or polish. They might use traditional skills that have been handed down through generations or they might experiment with cutting edge practices and digital technology.

They might be driven by the creative urge to see an idea transformed into something real or by a love of a particular material. Or they might be commercially minded and driven by entrepreneurial zeal.

Your much loved craft item might have been made by a person who honed their practice at university or they might have been taught on their grandmother’s knee.

They might call themselves a maker, designer or artist. They might work alone in a studio or as part of a collective of makers.

Whatever the differences in what, how, where, or why they make, these makers are united in one fundamental way: they make craft.

Read on to find out more about Scottish craft.

About Craft:

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