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2013: Celebrating the Year of Natural Scotland

The aim of the Year of Natural Scotland 2013 is to promote Scotland’s stunning natural beauty and biodiversity, and promote ways in which visitors can enjoy our beautiful landscapes, wildlife and heritage responsibly. 

Eight key themes have been developed to cover Scotland’s vast wealth of natural product for the Year of Natural Scotland:

  1. Natural Landscapes - promoting Scotland’s natural heritage and landscape, and encouraging visitors to make the most of this wonderful natural resource and enjoy responsibly.
  2. Natural Built Heritage - celebrating our castles, monuments and conservation areas, and building awareness of the history and cultural diversity of the Scottish landscape.
  3. Natural Larder - promoting Scotland’s food and drink offering and natural produce, as well as its high quality restaurants.
  4. Sustainable Tourism - encouraging visitors to enjoy the landscape responsibly, for example by exploring the landscape by foot or by bike, and making the most of resources in local communities. 
  5. Natural Playground - promoting Scotland’s outdoors as a stunning and easily accessible place for active pursuits, and the perfect stage for outdoors events and festivals.
  6. Flora & Fauna - inviting visitors to observe the wildlife in their natural habitats, and to be respectful towards all plant and animal species.
  7. Art in Nature - celebrating Scotland as inspiration for visual artists, writers and innovators, and promoting the Scottish landscape both as a canvas to create works of art, and as a source for materials. 
  8. Nature in Cities - showcasing Scotland’s cities for visitors to make the most of the nature, natural influences and green spaces that exist within the city.

Find out more about the Year of Natural Scotland on VisitScotland, at

Craft Scotland celebrate the Year of Natural Scotland with a series of features on Scottish craft people and places who embrace the themes of YONS.

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