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Since prehistoric times, humans have moulded clay into ceramic objects, from the earliest coil pots to the fine, contemporary ceramics we enjoy today.

Ceramics don’t have to have a practical function. While many craft makers love to produce ceramics that are useful – pots, plates, bowls, cups, and teapots – others prefer to focus solely on the decorative or sculptural.

Clay is used on its own or mixed with other materials. It can be shaped by hand building, throwing on to a wheel, or pressing into a mold and is decorated, glazed, or enameled before being carefully heated in a kiln.

The rich global history of ceramics gives makers an almost limitless supply of techniques, processes, and inspiration to draw on – from artifacts of the pre-historic period, through early Chinese and Japanese periods, to the influential studio pottery of twentieth-century Britain.

Craft Scotland represents nearly 200 makers working in ceramics who produce an incredible variety of work.

Some of our makers combine clay with paper, wood, and metal to make innovative ceramics. Others are inspired by Scottish nature or mythical stories to make sculptural forms and figurines.

And many more experiment with decorative techniques and firing processes to produce wonderful colours, textures, and patterns in their glazes.

You can search for Scottish ceramics on the Craft Scotland website and browse our database of talented makers.


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