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Traditional Scottish Craft

Many of the practices now described as Scottish traditional craft were once a necessary part of everyday life in Scotland.

Textiles, ceramics, baskets, furniture and other items were produced using locally available materials and resources, and designed for practical use. Skills and techniques were passed down from generation to generation.

Much Scottish traditional craft, such as Fair Isle knitting and the weaving of Harris Tweed, developed over time into a style that is now distinctive to Scotland and recognisably Scottish.

Many of these traditional Scottish crafts are kept alive today by contemporary makers who form part of a long and continuing tradition.

Some makers take pride in sticking closely to historical methods and materials, while others prefer to combine modern materials and technologies with age-old techniques, to find new ways to breath life into Scottish traditional craft.

Over the following pages we’ve brought together information on some of the best-known and most popular Scottish traditional crafts, with links to more information.

Find out more about Traditional Scottish Crafts

Bagpipes Basketry Boat Building
Find out more about bagpipes, a traditional Scottish musical instrument. From Kishie's to containers, discover traditional Scottish basketry. Find out about traditional Boat Building in Scotland.
Fair Isle Knitting Harris Tweed
Learn about world renowned Scottish cashmere craft. FInd out about Fair Isle Knitting. Find out more about Harris Tweed.
Highland Dress
Shetland Lace
Discover Highland Dress, from kilt to sporran. Find out more about the craft of Shetland lace. Find out more about internationally loved Scottish tartan.
The Quaich

Find out more about traditional Scottish toasting vessel the quaich.

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