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Adrian McCurdy
Adrian McCurdy

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Adrian McCurdy has evolved unusual methods of converting trees to furniture and occasional sculptural pieces. By combining a fine art background and the family tradition in wood-crafts, he has developed some of the more ancient skills adaptable for the modern home.

Looking for the inherent potential of well chosen material, Adrian has resorted to the closer contact possible by hand-making furniture from the very earliest stage. Since the first commissions in 1992, he has experimented with the possibilities of segmenting a tree-butt without resorting to buying planks. Re-visiting the ancient craft of cleaving with wedge and mallet is ideal for smaller items such as stools and boxes.

After studying Fine Art in Nottingham, McCurdy move to Scotland in 1976 and began painting. Income was supplemented by periods first assisting Tim Stead (furniture) to experience then with McCurdy and Co. in Berkshire, where historical oak-frame projects as varied as the London Globe Theatre and the structural repair of buildings were contracts. This has formed an invaluable background to confidence and decisions in designing and making new furniture.
First commissions in furniture came after helping re-construct the medieval Barley Hall in York. Adrian was offered the opportunity to create the first batch of furniture there for public display. It spelled an abrupt shift from painting as a main occupation, to discover a personal preference for simple early oak furniture using wedges and pegs rather than complicated joints. Through research and commissions he has developed methods and techniques that borrow both from history and contemporary style.

In the last few years he has created a Pictish throne for the Museum of Scotland, shown at 100%design in London and had a sculptural piece displayed at the Cheonjgu Biennale in South Korea.

Year Established: 1992

Adrian McCurdy
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Adrian McCurdy
Adrian McCurdy

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