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Alisdair McKay (Creative Woodworker)
Alisdair McKay (Creative Woodworker)

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Without the intervention of man the record of a time and space solidified in organic matter 'WOOD' would re-merge with the biomass at the end of the trees growing life. The interplay of the elements during its growth leave a rich tapestry within the body of the tree which can only be viewed when the tree is cut. These properties, which appeal to our aesthetic sense, are to the fore when I am working on creative rather than functional pieces. Cutting the wood through and through into thin slices, often across the grain to reveal the maximum of this richness, I construct forms where the resultant sequence, is the focus in sculpture, a feature in boxes and vessels or a detail in furniture. I juxtaposition textures, colour and form, introducing other materials such as wire or thong, to join elements with an illusion of precariousness or tenuousness and introduce an allusion to movement or softness. Working on both functional and non-functional pieces, mostly in Scottish hardwoods, I have completed a wide range of pieces of all sizes to commission since establishing my workshop in 1984. Speculative, creative pieces are generally smaller and available through a number of galleries or direct.

Year Established: 1984

Alisdair McKay (Creative Woodworker)
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  • Address: Inverness
    IV2 7QL
  • Region: Highland and Skye
  • Telephone: 01667 462758
Alisdair McKay (Creative Woodworker)
Alisdair McKay (Creative Woodworker)

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