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Alison Borthwick Porcelain
Alison Borthwick Porcelain

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Alison Borthwick studied ceramics at Grays School of Art in Aberdeen from 1978 - 1982. She returned to set up her pottery full time in Glasgow in 1983. Here she built up a wide range of contemporary giftware, traditional tableware and luminous lamps before moving the workshop and opening Buchlyvie Pottery Shop near Loch Lomond and the Trossachs.

Alison designs and creates the plaster models and moulds from which the products originate. Each new piece is hand turned on a lathe or wheel and polished until like marble. Case and working moulds are the made and dried before use. Items are then slipcast, fettled and sponged. After the bisque firing the pieces are wet polished or glazed before decoration is applied.

Using a variety of techniques, largely inspired by Japanese paintings and brushstrokes plus sensitive but striking use of colour, each piece is painted by hand then fired to 1270 C producing the unique and translucent finish.

Year Established: 1983

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Alison Borthwick Porcelain
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Alison Borthwick Porcelain
Alison Borthwick Porcelain

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