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Alison Fair Bixler
Alison Fair Bixler

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I make a variety of objects using a wide range of fibres, sometimes with other people.
I work with nature's palette: on silk with local, natural dyes; and with all the shades of Shetland fleece. I weave the silk threads into fine, complex patterns which I mount in small boxes or box frames.
I use the Shetland fleece in different ways: hand-spinning, felting or weaving. I weave felted strips to make large wall pieces, and handspun yarn to make bags, or waistcoats, or teacosies.
Afternoons, I am the workshop leader in the Camphill Weavery. I take my loom "on the road" through Spring Fling, the Stove Network, the Kirkcudbright Art and Craft Trail (and even once at Youth Beatz) to give visitors the opportunity to see and try weaving.

Year Established: 1998


Excellence in Handweaving, Handweavers Guild of America

Alison Fair Bixler
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Alison Fair Bixler
Alison Fair Bixler

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