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Michelle Rae - Amorichi Design
Michelle Rae - Amorichi Design

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The work I do consists of caricature pieces; most are studies on stereotypes of people. The emphasis of my work is not to scoff or scorn at any one person but to display their characteristic traits based on old-fashioned un-politically correctness!

My commissions to date: (Recent commissions to be added)

Air traffic controller, August 2001
Model of an Air Traffic controller from polymer clay incorporating the air traffic monitor into the design.

American wedding couple, January 2002
Kilted groom and traditional bride from polymer clay for an American couple in Indianapolis.

Asian wedding couple, August 2002
Wedding cake top from polymer clay in traditional red and white outfits (no photo).

Santa and his Elves, 'Letter from Santa' campaign for Childline Scotland, December 2003 In collaboration with another artist, Christmas characters (Santa, Mrs Claus, elves, tree, sleigh) from polymer clay that were photographed and used for the backdrop to the stationery for the letters. This raised £7000 for Childline Scotland.

Mountain climber cake, January 2004
In collaboration with another artist, a snowy mountain cake with climber made from marzipan.

"Drunken bum", February 2004
Model from polymer clay which portrays a caricature drunken man.

Model emotions, March 2004
Several models expressing different emotions from polymer clay which were photographed to be used in PowerPoint a presentation for a company in America.

Mentoring logo, April 2004
Model from polymer clay and enamel paint displaying two characters, one of which held the other’s shoulder to portray a nurturing mentor relationship.

Year Established: 2001

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Michelle Rae - Amorichi Design
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Michelle Rae - Amorichi Design
Michelle Rae - Amorichi Design

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