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Leslie Reid - Ancient Images
Leslie Reid - Ancient Images

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The stone carvings date from as early as 3000 BC to the 15th Century AD and cover Pictish, Scottish, Irish, Norse and Prehistoric artwork. I redraw freehand the original artwork onto weathered sandstone.

The image is hand carved using mallet and chisel, exactly the same method used in creating the original carvings. The rubbings are made using unbleached calico cotton and my own designed coloured beeswax crayon. To do this the cloth is placed on top of the carving and rubbed using the hard crayons which are made with oil based pigments.The hardness of the crayon is what allows the weathered surface of the stone and the detail of the carving to be transferred onto the cloth.
The colours are my artistic interpretation of the images. They are mounted on card, the name, its age and provenance of the image are hand written onto the cloth, signed and dated.

The prints are produced from the hand made originals as high resolution photographic prints conveying the texture of the cloth and subtlety of the hand made stone images.Brief story is provided about the image on the back and description on how they are made.

Year Established: 2000

Leslie Reid - Ancient Images
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Leslie Reid - Ancient Images
Leslie Reid - Ancient Images

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