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Andrew Weatherhead
Andrew Weatherhead

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Currently ceramicist in residence in Ayrshire, I am based in a studio close to the shoreline at Irvine. I feel naturally drawn to the sea and the beach, and my work is a response to the environment and landscape around me. Discoveries made during beach walks provide a source of fascination and intrigue; flotsam, shells, textures in the sand and rocks bear testament to the relentless energy of the sea and the elements. This plays a major part in informing and inspiring the work I make.

Combining and layering different earthenware clay bodies - some of which are dug locally - throwing, building and press-moulding approaches are used to create sculptural forms whose textural composition is an intrinsic part of their physical structure. Found materials such as coal and shell fragments are sometimes introduced to the clay bodies and porcelain is employed to form pieces with translucent qualities.

Year Established: 1994

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Andrew Weatherhead
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Andrew Weatherhead
Andrew Weatherhead

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