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Lampworking or flameworking is the art of melting glass using a torch. The torch uses a mixture of propane and oxygen and can make the glass change colours or textures depending on the proportion of oxygen and propane the artist selects in the flame.

The glass used comes from the manufacturer as thin rods approximately the length of a ruler and between 2-10mm wide.

Italian (Effetre), German (Lauscha, Reichenbach) and American (Double Helix, TaG, Strikingcolor) glass is used, some of which is handmade in small batches by specialist makers.
The glass is melted and wound onto a mandrel which has been coated with a clay-like bead release to prevent the glass sticking to the metal. It's then annealed in a kiln to reduce internal stress and prevent it from cracking.

Once cool, the beads are removed from the mandrels and the holes cleaned of bead release using thin files.

Arwynd Glass beads are sold to jewellery designers around the world - each piece is unique.
Lindsay started making beads in 2014 and has studied with several well-known lampwork artists, including J C Herrell, Irina Sergeeva and Elena Hernburg.

She also regularly attends artist workshops and demonstrations - including Joy Munshower and Astrid Riedel. This allows her to explore new techniques and consider how they may be applied.

Year Established: 2014

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Arwynd Glass
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Arwynd Glass
Arwynd Glass

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