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Avril C Clark - Textiles
Avril C Clark - Textiles

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I prefer to make 'One off' limited edition textiles. These usually take the form of small wall hangings from 30cm to about a metre in length and width. I like to experiment with a variety of techniques like hand painting, dyed and stenciled fabric. I then embellish with embroidery or I use appliqué, patchwork and quilting.

I produce a range of items including wall hangings, waistcoats, and jackets, cushions bags and cards.

I like to work towards small exhibitions. I have in the past worked to commission and have led workshops and classes in patchwork and quilting.

I am also a member of Speyside Quilters Fochabers.

Year Established: Jan 1997

Avril C Clark - Textiles
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Avril C Clark - Textiles
Avril C Clark - Textiles

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