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Bekki Churcher
Bekki Churcher

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Bekki Churcher graduated from Glasgow School of Art with a First Class Honours degree in Silversmithing and Jewellery in 2011. Currently an Artist in Residence at Glasgow School of Art, she exhibits and sells her jewellery throughout the UK and Internationally.

Her interest in strong architectural lines and angles are adapted into her jewellery designs. St Peters seminary is an abandoned brutalist building that changes and surprises you as you walk around it and has many unexpected characteristics that she recreates within her work. Creating forms that emulate shapes and textures found at the site and within her documentation of it, she builds up texture and depth that explores the notion of growth that occurs at the site and the natural destruction that entails.

Elements and concepts that are taken from the site are recreated though enamel and folded sheet to create complex, three-dimensional forms. Intricacy and painstaking detail is added through a developed technique of geometric granulation that adds beauty and depth to the pieces in which it occurs. An important aspect to the work is that it changes noticeably at different angles, thus, making the back just as important, and if not more special than the front, allowing for a certain secret that only the wearer knows about.

Year Established: 2011


Graduating from Glasgow School of Art with a First Class Honours Degree
Winning the Incorporation of Hammermen Prize
Being awarded a materials grant and membership to the British Society of Enamellers

Bekki Churcher
Bekki Churcher

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