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Beth Legg
Beth Legg

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Once there were trees...

My pieces explore ideas of the embedded object and memory. The found objects I use are metaphors for recovered memory – forms of association and representation. I see these materials as artefacts which have a powerful relationship with the environment I have taken them from. I use objects which pull away from their environments acting as signifiers of residual memory.

My use of twigs is a direct reference to the changing Scottish landscape and the memory it holds. The twigs provide a solid physical presence – a direct link between the deforestation of the landscape and the use of material.

The cast object is a fabrication of reality, as often is memory. Each of the pieces combines disparate objects and processes in order to emphasise the enduring presence of the embedded object.

Overtones and associations as well as these physical objects are placed in juxtaposition as a spontaneous form of expression. I aim to combine the language of material and object honestly and in an encompassing amalgamation.

Ideally I would like the body to act as a bearer of these objects in a way which is akin to the way in which the landscape carries memory. I aim for my work to be seen as a moving dialogue – each piece an exploration of elements encompassing themes of honesty, landscape and memory.

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Beth Legg
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Beth Legg
Beth Legg

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