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Helen and Bill Baber
Helen and Bill Baber

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Bill and Helen have been collaborating on their collection since 1977. They continue the process of developing current Scottish knit looks. Driven by yarn at the moment, linen is king and features strongly in the year round look. They also work with merino, cotton and silk.

The current look is all about layering, different lengths worked out of different materials in related colours. This allows a diffusion of different looks in the range. Styling is elegant, feminine, cheeky and centre stage. Delicate works with chunky, floating fluid shapes inside solid covers. Full of surprises, there is strength in colours and fun in textures.

Demand comes through natural materials notably Irish linen, the range sells well to many markets especially where there is a tourist element or customers generally looking for a personal UK story of origination. Prices rank low to medium through simple styling.

Try the range - it is tested daily in our own studio in Edinburgh and kept up to date with constant adjustments of colour and shape as the seasons progress.

Year Established: 1977

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Helen and Bill Baber
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Helen and Bill Baber
Helen and Bill Baber

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