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Wendy Inkster - Burra Bears
Wendy  Inkster - Burra Bears

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The Original Shetland Teddy Bear established 1997
Our delightful, collectable bears are handmade in the Shetland island of Burra. Produced from recycled traditional Fair Isle knitwear, each bear comes with his own name and personality, making them as individual and unique as we are!
Wendy Inkster started Burra Bears in 2000 after producing a bear as a gift for her sister. More and more people saw them and wanted one and the business has gown steadily over the years. All bears are produced from old Fair Isle sweaters that are felted, cut out and handmade into the 9" high bear that has become so popular. The Bears are stuffed with the leftovers from the sweater so they are completely recycled.
Each bear comes with his own name. As they look like little old men, their names reflect this, and in the Shetland tradition each has a Christian name and a place name, e.g. Bertie 'o' Brough. They also come complete with a reply card so new owners can reply to register their new address. Some have stayed in the UK, whilst others have emigrated to such places as Iceland, America, New Zealand and Japan to name but a few!
As well as the traditional Fair Isle bear, a recent addition is the 'Yokel' Bear, which is produced from the Fair Isle Yoke sweaters. Mainly plain with a Fair Isle pattern around the upper chest, these little fellows also come complete with eyebrows, giving them a variety of priceless expressions.
Workshop open all year.

Year Established: 1997

Wendy Inkster - Burra Bears
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Wendy Inkster - Burra Bears
Wendy Inkster - Burra Bears

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