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Rob Teago - Carron Pottery
Rob Teago - Carron Pottery

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The pottery is in an extension at the back of the Craft Shop where on most days you can see Rob working: pugging clay, throwing a pot on the wheel, glazing or packing a kiln. This is a working pottery specializing in hand thrown, oven to tableware and commissioned pieces. The smallest item is a single portion butter pat and the largest can be large bowls, lamp-bases and vases. The decoration consists of glazes in blues, greens, browns, oatmeal and white in various combinations to give a wide range of choice. One of the glazes that Rob has developed uses clay taken from the River Carron, refined with wood ash from Attadale. This glaze now gives a lovely soft oatmeal colour and has been used throughout the range to good effect. / Inspiration comes from our loch-side position and the ever-changing light and colour combinations. One of Rob’s effects is called seaweed because of its close visual association with sunlight penetrating the surface of the sea and lighting up the weeds and structures below. Our pottery is used and is exclusive to our Restaurant next door.

Year Established: 1974

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Rob Teago - Carron Pottery
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Rob Teago - Carron Pottery
Rob Teago - Carron Pottery

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