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In 1991 I graduated from Gray's School of Art in Aberdeen, with a BA(hons) in ceramic design. Since then ceramics has been my main occupation with various sojourns in ceramic studios and potteries round Scotland.
In 2002 I had the opportunity to set up my own ceramics studio and for 12 years I specialised in wall/gift tiles and some very funky home accessories. During this time I relocated from Edinburgh to rural Perthshire where I squeezed into a small workshop and proceeded to make creative connections, the most significant one being my 6 years on the influential Perthshire Visual Artists Forum.
2014 saw me take a deep breath and put aside all things 'flat'and I began to work in a completely different way. And so my Cactus Pots made an appearance; small and tentative at first, but soon blossoming in satisfying sizes and shapes as I explored the simple 'pinching' technique. Now most of my work is thrown.

Year Established: 2002

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Ceri White Studios
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Ceri White Studios
Ceri White Studios

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