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Chris Donnelly
Chris Donnelly

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Travelling from my hometown of Calgary to Halifax in eastern Canada for College, moving to Asia to teach, and finally to Scotland where I now live and work, has informed, although at times unintentionally, my work over the last ten years.
I make wheel thrown earthenware for use in the home. The work is intended to be a contrast to the manufactured and engineered environment we live in. It is inspired by British and Middle Eastern slipware, East Asian folk pottery, and what has become the studio pottery tradition. While these influences are sometimes very apparent, I don't wish to mock or patronize the people that created this historic work as I feel it would lack integrity and authenticity. I want to push these ideas forward, not only to the present, but into the future where functional ceramics can be a vehicle for modern personal contemplation, narrative discussion, and cultural reflection. I love food and enjoy having dinner with friends. Using work that someone has made by hand for service or in the kitchen forcefully elevates the meal from banal fuel recharging to a special ritual shared.

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Chris Donnelly
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Chris Donnelly
Chris Donnelly

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