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David Mola
David Mola

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David's work and passion for a long time now has been designing and producing objects with glass. Much of the production in his studio is intended for architectural glass. Parallel to this path he develops more free and personal pieces. Mola's artistic production is not tied to a tight aesthetic result, even though his work keeps a chromatic, stylistic and conceptual coherence.
In his portfolio you can find thermoformed glass, blown glass, casting, pate de verre, resin lamination, inclusions, printmaking, etc. David achieves results ranging from installation to two dimensional pieces or small sculptures.
Continuous motion is the basis of his creative pursuits. The basis of everything is in constant change. Everything becomes a continuous process of birth and continued destruction from which nothing escapes.
David Mola was born in Spain in 1971. Mola works predominantly in the medium of hot glass, but his career comes from other different paths. Fascination with glass come from far: he was born in a glazier shop, and this medium (glass) has been surrounding him all the time.
David Mola studied in the "Centre del Vidre" in Barcelona, as a stained glass and hot glass designer. Since 2004 he's been running his own studio, making several commissions and researching in different glass techniques. Nowadays David lives and works in Edinburgh, where he recently set up his own studio.

Year Established: 2013


2014 Special Award "Ashton Hill" By The Worshipful Company of Glaziers & Painters of Glass.
2014 Member of the Contemporary Glass Society
2014 Member of SAU Scottish Artist Union

David Mola
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David Mola
David Mola

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