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Based in Edinburgh, Gillian has been working freelance and designing and hand making purses and handbags since completing her BA (hons) degree in Printed Textiles for Fashion at the University of Brighton.

She decided to start her own surface pattern design and craft business. Dibujo Design was established in 2012. Dibujo, pronounced di-bu-ch-o (the ch is like the Scottish pronunciation of loch) is the Spanish word for to draw and pattern. She decided on this as it is exactly what she does and she is inspired by Spanish tiles.

She uses her designs on ceramics and fabrics to create a home and gift range including ceramic coasters, placemats and clocks, fabric lampshades and cushions. Colour plays a significant role in Gillian's work, where she uses bold vibrant colours. She is influenced by Scotland as well as travels from all over the world. Her work has been described as Scottish modern retro.

Year Established: 2012


Recently Dibujo Design gained Jenners of Edinburgh as a stockist. This was especially exciting as Gillian did her dissertation on Jenners whilst at university.

Gillian worked in textile design in New York and India. This was a fantastic experience and has influenced how she works.

In October 2013 Gillian gave up her job to become 100% self-employed. This was a scary step but was the right thing to do as Dibujo Design has flourished since.

Dibujo Design
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Dibujo Design
Dibujo Design

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