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Denise McIntosh - Dionysus Designs
Denise McIntosh - Dionysus Designs

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Original, bespoke pieces and collections made on a limited edition basis.

'Organic forms', the 'Influence of the Seasons', and 'Dress and Culture' are the themes behind the creative influence of the designs.

Using mainly sterling silver and gold to great effect. Rendering platforms and stages for the star sugar pink rubies, Andian opals, garnets, pearls and many more beautiful gems...I also like to incorporate (whenever appropriate) antique fabrics and ribbons into my work to adorn and create a feel of lusciousness and warmth both to the eye and to the touch.

Technically I use mainly soldering and joining techniques to create robust and durable pieces and adorn with either granulation, different forms of stone setting, cloisonne enamelling or pierced silhouettes.

No restrictions apply to designs undertaken on a commission basis and all work is personally undertaken from start to finish. Quotations available on request.

Year Established: 2004

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Denise McIntosh - Dionysus Designs
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Denise McIntosh - Dionysus Designs
Denise McIntosh - Dionysus Designs

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