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Dorothy Stewart Handwovens
Dorothy Stewart Handwovens

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My hand weaving is done here at home on a 12 shaft Louet Spring countermarche floor loom. I enjoy weaving with fine yarns like silk, cashmere and merino, making scarves and shawls in different designs. The yarns I use are hand dyed for me by Helen Lockhart of Ripples Crafts Yarns based in Assynt.

I also make household linens such as table runners and tea towels using cotton or linen or a mixture of the two.

I am not a production weaver, preferring to weave small numbers of each item making them quite unique. Finishing the items to a high standard is something I work hard to achieve.

I exhibit my work in The Weft Studio in Pittenweem in Fife and on my website.

Year Established: 2011

Dorothy Stewart Handwovens
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You can also find my work at

Dorothy Stewart Handwovens
Dorothy Stewart Handwovens

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