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Dot Sim
Dot Sim

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My designs are inspired by my environment - starry skies, changing landscapes, horizons, the sea. I use photography and drawing to capture visual ideas for jewellery, and small silverware.

The work is handmade using traditional gold and silversmithing techniques. I choose to use precious metals - materials that stand the test of time, as I am interested in the role of jewellery as heirlooms that are handed down, providing intimate memories for future generations.

Movement of line, and tactility are strong features of my work, and some pieces incorporate a further sensory element in the form of aromatic beads that contain the perfume or essential oil of the wearer’s choice, which is released through body heat.

My range of work includes one off and small batch production of neckpieces, bangles, brooches, rings, earrings, buttons, and small silverware. Main techniques used are fusion inlay, keumboo, granulation, forging, press forming.

Dot Sim
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Dot Sim
Dot Sim

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