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the Leverets Nest
the Leverets Nest

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I make soft sculpture hares and squirrels and each one has a name and comes with an original witty and amusing short story written by me.
I set my stories in a location not from from where I live so I usually write from a Scottish land perspective, and I use my Scottish voice in writing, which makes it very interesting.

I like to enhance the personality of my textile art with these short stories, to bring the individual characters of these animals to light, as most people just see a 'hare' in a field, or a 'squirrel' in a tree - but really, that hare could be a very shy one, or the squirrel could be a very mischievous one, and that is what my stories bring out, these unique characters.

Each sculpture is an original from my own patterns, and the materials I use are 90% upcycled/thrifted ones from local charity shops, and family closets.

They are sold in a few retail places and I have had exhibitions of them too.

I have been selling my soft sculptures on etsy since 2008 and I have had wonderful feedback.

i blog about my work

Year Established: 2007

the Leverets Nest
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the Leverets Nest
the Leverets Nest

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