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Duke Christie - Furniture & Art in Wood
Duke Christie - Furniture & Art in Wood

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Using traditional craftsmanship acquired during twenty five years of designing and making furniture, Duke Christie has built an excellent reputation for producing work of outstanding quality. Employing innovative techniques and ideas that are inspired by the surrounding landscapes and the beautiful and varied Scottish coast, Duke has also been exploring creating more expressive and sculptural pieces. It is not just the form that Duke is interested in; the surfaces of his unique sculptures are just as important. He is constantly experimenting with new ways to sculpt and shape these sophisticated and tactile forms that are both stimulating and interactive, something that is almost impossible to see from a photograph.

With so much uniformity around us, Duke welcomes the opportunity to express his own individuality through his work enabling his customers to express theirs by owning a unique piece of his work. Duke’s sculptures are something truly exceptional and timeless; a pleasure to live with and a delight to use, for now and succeeding generations. They are solid and still pieces that in today’s fast moving world make us stop and enjoy the moment…and just like a moment there will never be another one quite like it.

Year Established: 2000

Duke Christie - Furniture & Art in Wood
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Duke Christie - Furniture & Art in Wood
Duke Christie - Furniture & Art in Wood

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