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Kerstin Gren - Durn Hill
Kerstin Gren - Durn Hill

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I strive for simplicity in my forms which I guess is a strong Scandinavian influence; to go towards the core of the form, to take away instead of adding. My training was in Sweden at Capellagården, Öland and in the year after, I went on a study journey to New Mexico for a month, to study Native American Pottery.

I use clay that is randomly mixed to achieve maximum effect in decorating. After throwing and altering, or building, I use natural ochres as slips for decoration. I then use a mix between Raku and Smoke firing to achieve the colours I am after. The earthiness together with naked clay is what I want. I also just black fire some of my work. I am interested in the colour black. My forms comes from a variety of sources; modern design, vessels and I have recently been working a lot with the forms and shapes of boats.

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Kerstin Gren - Durn Hill
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Kerstin Gren - Durn Hill
Kerstin Gren - Durn Hill

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