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Earthen Images Pottery
Earthen Images Pottery

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The Pottery was started in December 1990, and it was only through doing craft fairs that I realised there was an interest in cats. This was when the legendary "Methil Moggie" was born and it took over the workshop for a few years. Soon the handmade pieces were becoming collectable and new editions were added. Even now new ideas are being produced.
For non cat people, the Methil Mutt was added to the range and the choice now includes the Highland Cattle family with Hamish the dad, Morag the mum and wee eck the baby calf. This range has also become collectable and is now growing, with wall cow heads, also scenic plaques with cows and sheep.
The pieces are individually sculptured from stoneware clay called craft crank, and when finished and fired at 1280 degrees C the clay vitrifies so will not absorb water and can therefore be used as a garden ornament.

Year Established: 1990

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Earthen Images Pottery
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Earthen Images Pottery
Earthen Images Pottery

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