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Douglas and Susan Dalgleish - Edinburgh Ceramics
Douglas and Susan Dalgleish - Edinburgh Ceramics

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Our ceramic tiles are usually wall-mounted and frequently square in shape, but not necessarily so. All of our work is made to commission, everything from a single tile to an entire wall. If your tiles are needed soon, contact us today. Our experience of architectural commissions has led us to explore the diversity of ceramic process. We have accumulated an understanding of methods and materials which is probably unrivalled in Scotland today.

Working industriously in our ceramics studio since 1988 we have completed thousands of commissioned projects, most of which have been installed in Scotland and the northern hemisphere.

Working to commission produces an amazingly flexible response to the needs of individual clients and results in unique site-specific ceramics for individual environments. We make the depth and breadth of our experience available to every new client and we enjoy collaborating with architects, interior designers and discerning clients, to achieve a unique contribution to the built environment.

There is empowerment in the face to face dialogue between consumer and maker; by knowing the person who made the products with which you live, you connect with your environment at a deeper and more meaningful level.

Year Established: March 1988

Douglas and Susan Dalgleish - Edinburgh Ceramics
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Douglas and Susan Dalgleish - Edinburgh Ceramics
Douglas and Susan Dalgleish - Edinburgh Ceramics

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