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Jody Cornett - Elizamar
Jody Cornett - Elizamar

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Working mainly in silver with accents of 18ct gold and freshwater pearls, traditional materials and techniques are given a contemporary twist.

Rather than deriving inspiration from one particular source, I prefer the 'Hands On' approach to design, allowing the forms to develop naturally. Although this approach often results in collections with no obvious coherent elements, all are influenced by the themes of repetition, connection, space and more currently contrast as I strive to create jewellery which is as sophisticated in it's composition as it is in aesthetics.

This, I feel, can be developed through pieces where all elements are intrinsic to the design. That is to say with no obtrusive catches or findings etc. The units created are unique and highly adaptable, serving a variety of functions such as settings and links to name but a few.

All elements of my work are hand-made, by myself in my Glasgow based workshop. As well as the my own ranges, a commission service is also available and clients are encouraged to adapt existing designs to their own personal tastes to create one off pieces designed specifically with you in mind.

Year Established: September 2006

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Jody Cornett - Elizamar
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Jody Cornett - Elizamar
Jody Cornett - Elizamar

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