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Emily Beckmann
Emily Beckmann

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Through contemporary stitched jewellery and textiles, I explore the multiple associations of objects.

My textile works are layers of, usually vintage, fabrics that I cut into and hand-stitch in place to create overlapping areas of pattern, colour and text.

The resulting pieces are montages that suggest religious symbols, national emblems, political motifs and geographical maps.

Through my jewellery pieces I explore the process of making by hand, and the practice of archiving. I incorporate found objects, such as broken crockery, which I stitch into lace to create collars and cuffs. Collecting and documenting is an integral part of the work, and each piece is unique.

Some are worn, and some are wall-mounted concept pieces. They appear as archaeological finds that imply ritualistic behaviour, organised ceremony, and mysticism through simultaneously conflicting associations e.g. hair and chain, or bone china and animal tooth.

I use ethically sourced materials and labour intensive techniques to create soft, woven and stitched jewellery from non-precious materials. By fixing the individual pieces to the times and places of their making, and by evaluating the status of found objects though archiving, I am challenging conventional notions of value and preciousness.

Year Established: 2005

Emily Beckmann
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Emily Beckmann
Emily Beckmann

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