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Fiona Cowie
Fiona Cowie

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Image: Through the Trees, Neckpiece Series, 2005

My most recent work is a series of theatrical neckpieces. They are made using the fibres from polyester fabrics. I am interested by how a man-made material can be recycled to create something very natural and organic in appearance. The effect of the fibres is to echo impressions of light falling through trees and foliage. Shadow is important in these pieces - the wearer is not only adorned by the neckpiece, but also by the shadows it creates. I am interested in the experience of wearing and its connections with our emotions. The nature of the materials means that the neckpieces are lightweight and comfortable to wear even though they are large in scale.

Future Directions:
I am now working on developing a range of contemporary jewellery. I am exploring ways of using my textile forms to create pins, bangles and smaller scale neckwear.

I am also looking at the possible applications for my textiles in other areas, namely interiors and fashion. I intend to explore how they can be used for decorative purposes, for instance as light shades or wall pieces or as accessories to a garment.

Fiona Cowie
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Fiona Cowie
Fiona Cowie

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