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Godrey Smith - Galloway Footwear
Godrey Smith - Galloway Footwear

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All shoes, clogs, boots and sandals are hand-made and most are made-to-measure. I have been making shoes now for almost 30 years so have spent some time tailoring and perfecting the specific styles available so they have the best fit possible. Many traditional techniques and designs are used, and on display in the workshop is also my own collection of antique clogs and shoes which I have collected over the years.

Our clogs have leather uppers and wooden soles, and shoes and boots are made with flexible soles in a choice of materials. A wide variety of colours are available in both nubuck and smooth finishes. These hand-made shoes are comfortable and durable, as many of my clients can testify.

Year Established: June 1977

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Godrey Smith - Galloway Footwear
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Godrey Smith - Galloway Footwear
Godrey Smith - Galloway Footwear

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